Powershell bcp script


BCP script - Top Help Articles - SSWUG.ORG

We have pulled together some great resources for quot;BCP script quot; -- just a small sampling is available below. These are the most relevant ...

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BCP script - Database Support @ dbaspot.com - Database Support

I am trying to load a comma-delimited file from the drive C:\ to SQL Serve r2005 SP2. I looked at the BCP utility and tried to build up the script. I ran the ...

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Generic BCP script - SQL Server Central. Microsoft SQL Server ...

Can anyone point me at a script that will generically build up a script to use in BCP or SQLCMD? It will be just a select quot;column list quot; from quot;table quot; where quot;filter ...

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Problem with bcp within perl script: perl, bcp, script, within ...

Hi I am trying to create a file to be bcp-ed to a sybase database within a perl script. The file is created by reading a txt file and formatting it ...

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PowerShell wrapper script to send email | jbmurphy.com

... can call from other scripts to send email. I needed multiple recipients, and ... 1 quot;) $msg = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage ... PowerShell script to set the State of a record ...

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Powershell: schedule script with Windows Scheduled Tasks service ...

How to schedule PowerShell scripts? My email2sms.ps1 script is grabbing a text ... The following steps will create a new scheduled task, and execute my PowerShell script ...

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Visual SourceSafe - PowerShell Maintenance Script

PSvss is a PowerShell script that performs regular maintenance activities on a Visual SourceSafe Database. This script automates the routine Visual SourceSafe ...

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PowerShell WOL script testers needed .NET Framework

I made this script for my blog , then realized I had no work for it, so could not test it. anyone cares to test it for me ;-) choose one of the followin

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PowerShell WOL script testers needed - Vista Forums

I made this script for my blog , then realized I had no work for it, so could not test it. anyone cares to test it for me ;-) choose one of the following options ...

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Running PowerShell PS1 script files in the SharePoint Management Shell

I have had a few comments and e-mails recently from people having problems running the PowerShell scripts published on this site as PS1 files in the Management Shell ...

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Scripting RODC Account Creation with Windows PowerShell

Provides examples for using Windows PowerShell to script RODC account creation.

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MVP-Blogroll-PowerShell Get-Script -Name Peter Kriegel | Management

MVP-Blogroll; eBook, Tutorials, Workshops; Links; Impressum ... http://powertoe.wordpress.com/ Thomas: Guy: English: http://computerperformance.co.uk/powershell ...

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Powershell command/script to reset the healthstate of a monitor ...

This links to a script or the quot;greenmachine quot; which is a bit of a bruteforce ... http://systemcentercentral.com/BlogDetails/tabid/143/IndexID/19345/Default.aspx

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Powershell to create folder and upload files in VSS

There is a VSS maintenance script, you may modify the following script to meet your requirement. Visual SourceSafe - PowerShell Maintenance Script http://psvss ...

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Powershell : create homedrive folder with correct permissions ...

In my last article I spoke of adding student users to AD with an excel file by using Powershell. This script is a little addon to create the corresponding ...

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MySQL :: Invalid Argument while using BCP (Script)

Can someone please help me with this. This will be a 50/50 question. It's either something that the SQL experts can answer or a scripting forum.

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