Konohamaru x naruto yoai fanfic


{ Kiba X Naruto } Dog and fox | Clouds and leaves { Shikamaru X ...

Categories gt; Anime/Manga gt; Naruto { Kiba X Naruto } Dog and fox | Clouds and leaves { Shikamaru X Rock Lee } | Yaoi | -oneshot-by Nanohaybugcha 0 Reviews

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Her smiled saved him: Kushina X Naruto [Archive] - Naruto Forums

I don't think you understand that everything I'm saying is true and Naruto X Kushina is a ... this is relevant to the story of the manga please get out with your flaming, we ...

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Tales of the FoxCat Chapter 9, a Ranma and Naruto crossover fanfic ...

... retreating into the entire time. quot;Pay attention girls, quot; She called out loud enough for everybody to hear, and initiated the catalyst one step at a time. quot;Hiyruu...

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One Piece 667, Naruto 586, Hunter x Hunter 341, Bleach 491 ...

Spoilermanga One Piece 667, Naruto 586, Hunter x Hunter 341, Bleach 491

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1sentence: Theme Set Alpha - Naruto - Hataka Kakashi x Haruno Sakura

Fandom: Naruto Pairings: Hatake Kakashi x ... Having arrived only a few minutes late and ... finally got up the courage to tell Kakashi he was marrying her. #44 - Heaven

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Fanfic: Sasuke's fun, Naruto - FanFiction.Net Mobile

This fanfic is about Naruto and I do not own any of the characters in it or the story so I do not take credit for anything. This is one of my first fanfics about ...

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TONFA :: The Original Naruto Fanfic Archive

... of three romances Gaara/Hinata, Naruto/Sakura and Shikamaru ... Shika/Tema Pairing: my first fanfic so be nice, however ... how fantastic it was to be in love. Shika/Tem Lemon!

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Naruto X Kushina - Page 4 - Naruto Discussion Forum

So how do I feel about Naruto x Kushina? Not swell, and only for those reasons stated. ... I really don't care about the cannon pairings one way or another, the story is ...

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Naruto // Minato x Kushina [[MMV]] Shinkokyuu \\ Love Story omg i just ahd to make a video after reading chapter 498..at first it was o..

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NARUTO LOVE (Naruto x Tsunade/Shika x Temari)

Content: Love Story Naruto Girl Ver. (Futanari) Payment Payment methods accepted: Only PayPal and International Postal Money Order(US). Payment must be received within ...

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Naruto X Sasuke - They really are! [Archive] - AnimeNation Forums

I had a funny idea, but notice in the 1st opening of Naruto when Sasuke pulls ... Hiead Gner

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