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... de fata este primul dictionar roman-englez in care este redata transcrierea fonetica a cuvintelor din limba engleza.

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fonetica - traducere romana-engleza dictionar online

fonetica - traducere romana-engleza dictionar online. Traducere cuvinte - Dictionar roman englez si englez roman - Dictionare online

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II.calmie s.f. 1. nav. lull, calm at sea. 2. (lini~te) lull, quiet, abeyance; (pauza) pause; rest; {riigaz) respite. 3. [armistitiu] armis- tice, truce. .

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Romanian English Dictionary - Dictionar Roman Englez online ...

Use the dictionary for translating a word from Romanian to English. There are also available usual phrases/expressions using the translating words.

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Dictionar Roman - Englez

[cineoa] to take an U.nfair advantage of; (a-ft bale Joe de) to make fun/sport/game of ... agie e.I.e-odin, police station. . agil I. adj. agile, quick-moving nimble.

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